Alize Timmerman


Homeopathy: the MIRACLE of healing

Healing people and working as a practitioner has been my call from early on. After a career in research in hospitals and a university, I answered this call and started my work in Homeopathy after obtaining a degree in natural medicine. I chose for Homeopathy because I realized that Homeopathic remedies have an enormous healing power. Homeopathic medicine restores our vitality and our defense mechanisms.

Homeopathy helps a client to recover one’s vitality, to recuperate and restore one’s natural balances. Hence the restored vitality reduces or heals disorders.

I work now in the practice for over 30 years and I experience the wonder of healing and the recovery of health every day. It is a miracle that plants and minerals have hidden powers, which, when addressed properly via the Homeopathic remedy made from it, can help us find a new balance in life, showing us the way toward the stimulation of one’s own healing powers and at restoring our physical and mental health.

Lately I specialized in the treatment of development disorders. Disorders especially found in adults, children and families as a whole. The illnesses of children are often reflections of some sort of disorder in the family; thus looking not only at the complaints of the child, but taking into consideration the whole of the family as well, will help me as a therapist to find the right simillimum to cure the disease of the child. It works this way with acute and relatively small problems as fever, coughing etc., but also with more heavy pathologies as fertility problems, autism, mental disorders, cardiovascular disorders etc..

Everybody who aims at restoring his or her health via the stimulation of their vitality and their own healing powers is welcome in the practice. In the practice I work together with Rubin Einhorn, MD (also working as an acupuncturist), Anne Vissers MD (also working as an orthomolecular doctor), and the Classical Homeopaths Jacqueline Kindt, Wiet van Helmond, Jenna Shamat and Mehmood Abdul Hayee.

As we work with the same focus, but also consider health from various angels, our co-operation is very fruitful and rewarding, both for the clients and for ourselves. As we all are registered members of medical societies, the consultations are (sometimes partly) restituted by the Dutch medical healthcare insurances.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle and holistic system of healing, suitable for everyone, young and old, suitable for clients suffering from minor disorders to serious trauma and chronic diseases. Homeopathy focusses on the individual, taking into account all physical, emotional and mental symptoms of the person. In Homeopathic treatment client and therapist together make the journey towards a healthier future, with long lasting results.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that a remedy which will cause the expression of certain symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptoms in an ill person. (Law of similars). This principle was postulated by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the early nineteenth century, since then Homeopathy has developed into the most researched alternative line of medicine in the world. Hence Homeopathy will act as a complementary therapy, used together with a treatment with regular medicine by the GP or the medical specialists.

Homeopathic remedies are per definition safe, the original substance is diluted so much that no harm can ever come from using these remedies. The process of making the remedies is called potentizing. Shaking and diluting the remedy transfers the healing power of the original substance to the carrying substance (often alcohol or milk sugar). Dilutions are done in steps where in each step, e.g., 1 part of the substance is diluted 100 times. After dilution the remedy is shaken by hand (succussion). This process is repeated several times, resulting in remedies, e.g., C30 or C200 (30 or 200 steps, each step diluted 100 times). The original substances are drawn from the vegetal, animal or mineral world. This makes Homeopathy a gentle form of healing, the natural energy of the individual is boosted while no toxic side effects can occur. Pregnant women and other sensitive clients can therefore use Homeopathy without fearing any negative side effect.

Key for assessing the healing potency of a remedy is the proving of the remedy. In this process, healthy people test the remedy (in a very diluted form) on themselves, recording the symptoms they experience. The remedy now can be used for the treatment of sick people displaying the same set of symptoms as recorded by the provers.

What can Homeopathy treat? Homeopathy offers a wide range of applications, from acute illnesses as fevers, sore throats, minor trauma’s etc., to the treatment of chronic diseases such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, anxieties, mild depressions etc.

The homeopath you will see is responsible for establishing a good and working relationship with the client, only in an environment of trust and enough time the homeopath can come to see the whole holistic picture, including of course the physical complaints. But also notice the emotional and mental condition of the client as well as his/her family history. To stimulate your body to cure itself, to start its own healing process, a remedy closest to your individual symptom picture is prescribed. Healing now starts within your body, mending defects and strengthening your health and immune system; this without any danger of damaging side effects.

Healing Remedies
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